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There’s nothing easier than vacation rental in Australia. Wherever you want to go in this incredible country you’ll find nothing is easier than getting accommodation, particularly online. Australia’s huge property market is well-equipped to provide any type of accommodation you like, from a tent on the beach to a luxury designer compound. It’s as easy as getting travel insurance, no fuss, and you can have your vacation residence ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

If you’re intending to be in Australia for a while, renting makes good economic sense. For short stays the tourist resorts are a very good idea, and easy to book, but for longer stays renting is generally the preferred, cheaper option.

Renting property in Australia

Property rental in Australia is governed by a series of very straightforward laws. These laws are state government administered, but are all pretty much the same wherever you go in Australia.

The basic rental transaction involves:

A rental application: Usually an appointment is made to view the premises and an application is lodged with the property agent. The landlord selects the, successful applicant, who is notified of approval.

Bond, rental in advance and related charges: For most Australian properties, the bond is a payment of four weeks rent in advance. This payment is made when signing the lease. Rental bond moneys are deposited with the Office of Fair Trading in the state of residence. This money is held by the government agency in trust and is returned upon application.

It is customary for property managers to require two weeks rental in advance as an additional payment, plus stamp duty fees for processing the lease agreement. All payments must have a receipt.

Note: Any terms and conditions like “no pets” imposed by the landlord must be delivered in writing, and the prospective tenant must be made aware of those conditions.

Rights of tenants: By law, tenants must receive:

  1. Two copies of an inspection form, one copy of which is returned to the property manager. This form details the condition of the premises and any defects found by the tenant.
  2. Government information regarding your rights as a tenant. These are basically government brochures spelling out your rights under tenancy laws.

Property repairs and maintenance: Tenants are not permitted to carry out repair works or to interfere with fixtures and fittings. Property managers must employ licensed tradespeople for this purpose, and the cost of repairs and maintenance is billed to the owner of the property.

Looking for a rental property in Australia

Wherever you go in Australia, you’ll find that these basic procedures apply. It’s a very good idea to shop around in Australia’s huge rental market, because there are many opportunities to rent beautiful homes in beautiful locations.

Australia Vacation Rentals
Australia Vacation Rentalsbsundman / Foter / CC BY-NC

You can also do a lot of shopping around online, and get a good idea of market rental rates. It is strongly recommended before approaching any property manager that you check rental rates in the area in which you’re interested, so you can recognize good deals and better options.

If you want to enjoy the real Australian lifestyle on your vacation, hassle-free, renting is definitely the way to go.

March 5, 2014


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